When I’ve given someone their very own Bible, I’m typically met with much excitement. I have them write their name in it, date it. It’s a special thing for sure. Most cannot wait to dig in and start to read it. And that is also the first question I get: where should I start?  It is a good question for sure but I’ve come to understand that there are a few more questions that should
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The famous Super Bowl Halftime Show has been a discussion point of every youth group party. Do we show it or not? I think with most of those parties we last maybe 30 seconds before we turn it off and draw attention to the food table or a group game. It might have started with Janet Jackson, but this past year’s experience made me cringe because my two young boys were with me. Did they
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“Jesus was not a gay man and I can prove it with the bible.” A student said these words to me after we finished our AP Verge class over Christian Ethics. The conversation was prompted when friends from school who, being influenced by a new TV show, told this student no one could really know if Jesus was gay or not. Today, students are being taught a completely different worldview other than Christ. They are
We all go through seasons when our mind seems to dwell more on a particular topic, situation, or trial we are experiencing. When the dwelling becomes too painful, we look to distract ourselves with things that allow escape, numb our pain, and force us to forget about circumstances we are facing. What do you do when you are stuck? What do you do when you try to escape through a door, but find it locked?
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There are seasons when we find ourselves with extra time on our hands. Some cherish this time by reading, doing outdoor activities, spending quality time with people, and other things that bring joy. For others, too much extra time brings online sexual temptation. After some time, your boredom intensifies, and you believe the only thing that will satisfy your boredom will be pornography. To be clear, pornography isn’t just a battle men face. It is
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